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only $14

Black Friday Deals: Part Two

Our last (and still ongoing!) Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion has been such a huge success that we’ve crafted a second, parallel promotion!  This is your chance to get in on one of our legendary virtual servers (VPSes) at an incredible once-a-year discount:

Supermicro 1U

Order any of our virtual private servers (VPSes) between now and 11:59pm on Cyber Monday (12/1/13), and we’ll throw in a 35% recurring lifetime discount!  Plus, we’ll throw in full server management at no extra cost for your first month — a $29.99 value! 

Click here to order, and use promo code BLACKFRIDAY2013 at checkout.

But wait – there’s more!  That discount isn’t just limited to your base hosting cost.  It also applies to all upgrades like control panels and server management!  That means that our most popular VPS — the Medium Roast, normally $44.99 — is now only $29.24!

So what makes Fresh Roasted Hosting’s VPSes so special, especially when there are “cheaper” options out there?  For starters, not all VPSes are created equal.  Discount VPSes are often running on outdated or underpowered hardware.  A VPS running on a Core 2 Quad from 2006 is not going to perform as well or be as reliable as a VPS running on a Haswell Xeon from 2013.

Then there’s the hypervisor.  In simple terms, the hypervisor is the software that splits a server up into smaller virtual servers.  Some hypervisors, like OpenVZ, allow a host to sell more resources than they actually have.  This is called “overselling”, and it’s not good.  If you’ve ever been asked to give up your tickets on an oversold airline flight, then you already know why.  At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we only sell VPSes under the Xen hypervisor.  This means that when we promise you 2 GB or RAM or 100 GB of disk space, that’s what you’ll actually get.

Then there’s the I/O system.  We use RAID 10 on all of our VPS nodes.  This spreads your disk space out over four high-performance enterprise-class drives.  This gives dramatically better performance than a single drive, while providing data redundancy in case one of the drives fails.  A lot of discount VPS providers are either using a single drive, or using a less expensive RAID 1 configuration.  RAID 1 is definitely an improvement over a single drive, but it doesn’t offer as much performance as RAID 10.

And then there’s the datacenter.  All of our VPSes are hosted in our datacenters in Dunmore PA and Dallas TX.  Each datacenter has redundant high-speed connections to multiple network providers; if one goes out, your service stays up.  Both have massive UPS systems and massive on-site diesel generators.  Both have network and security staff on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  And all VPSes are backed up weekly to a third off-site datacenter (though we strongly recommend keeping your own set of backups).

And last but most definitely not least, there’s our support.  We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Whether you need us at 3am or 3pm, our technicians are here to help.  Some “discount” hosts advertise 24-hour support, then coyly state that this only means you can request help 24 hours a day — and they’ll get to you in the morning.  That’s not us.

Our virtual servers are not the cheapest VPSes out there.  And we’re proud of that fact.  Like your favorite local coffee house, we’re just better than the cheaper guys.  When you need a reliable VPS backed by experienced, responsive support, Fresh Roasted Hosting is who you see.  And with this massive 35% discount (which gets locked in for life — did I already mention that?), you’ll save a few bucks in the process!

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