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Benefits of Colocation Services

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When you are growing rapidly as an organization, it is difficult to scale your IT infrastructure at the same rate. Colocation is the answer to your needs wherein you can deploy your servers within a managed facility. Instead of trying to expand and keeping your equipment in-house, you now have the advantage of colocating your equipment in a data center.

Benefits of Colocation

The biggest advantage for companies in the colocation process is renting physical space within a data center. You don’t need to worry about physical space, power, and network resources. Instead, you have the flexibility to grow according to your needs. You can, therefore, save on operational costs and focus on your core business. Moreover, data centers can protect your servers against power outages. We also ensure physical security for your servers and provide ongoing maintenance of your equipment. Overall, colocation becomes a win-win and cost-effective proposition.

Faster Connectivity

Fresh Roasted Hosting provides premium colocation services and a state-of-the-art carrier-neutral tier 3 data center. While working with us, you will have easy access to your equipment and our advanced resources. For instance, we provide fast and reliable connectivity by working with multiple top-tier providers including Level (3), Verizon, Comcast, and Frontier Communications. You likely know the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” We practice that by using four carriers instead of just one, which means that you as a client are protected against carrier outages and congestion.

Advanced Physical Resources

We guarantee safety for your equipment and provide lockable racks for your servers at our data centers. Our team takes care of your servers with Enterprise-grade UPSes and on-site diesel generators in case of a utility power failure. We even have a world-class glycol-based cooling system which provides a cool and clean atmosphere for your IT equipment.

Top-Notch Security

At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we understand how important physical security is. Therefore, to protect your equipment against physical intrusion, we deploy top-notch security systems including video surveillance. Our multi-factor access control systems limits access to authorized personnel only.

We take pride in our data centers which are secure, reliable, and high-quality. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we customize colocation solutions to meet your needs. Our trained staff works tirelessly to provide a quality experience. If you’re ready to get started on your colocation services, contact us today.


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