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Be a Web Hosting Expert, Part 4: Reseller Accounts

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So far in this series we’ve read about all the different types of hosting we offer:

  • Shared hosting has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and is perfect for everyday, casual users
  • Virtual private servers (VPSes) offer more flexibility and are ideal for small businesses, busy websites, and power users
  • Dedicated servers are perfect for high-performance websites and small- to medium-size businesses
  • Co-location is great for customers who already own their equipment and can maintain it themselves

That leaves one type of hosting unexplained:

Reseller Accounts

A reseller account is a lot like shared hosting, but with a special twist. A reseller account lets you own multiple sub-accounts under your own name, allowing you to resell our hosting services to your own customers under your own name.

Developers love reseller accounts because they can sell hosting under their own name, without having to refer their customers to another provider. This means they get to This is perfect not only for developers who want to host their own clients, but also for budding web hosts who need a reliable platform on which to get started.

Reseller vs VPS

Up until a few years ago, the common wisdom was that a VPS was better for hosting clients than a reseller account. And to be fair, this was definitely true — ten years ago. But over the past few years, shared and reseller hosting alike have become more stable, more powerful, and more secure. This is due in large part to innovations like LiteSpeed and CloudLinux. LiteSpeed can dramatically improve a web server’s performance, while CloudLinux keeps customers from stepping on each others’ toes.

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Reseller accounts come in all different shapes and sizes, but our reseller accounts have a few very special features that not all reseller providers include:

  • VPS Discounts: If you’re just getting started in the hosting industry, setting up your own VPS node can seem daunting. That’s why we offer deep discounts on our VPSes to all of our reseller customers. You can sell our VPSes as your own, boosting both your product lineup AND your profits!
  • Discounted SSL Certificates: Lots of reseller providers offer SSL discounts. But our resellers get access to some of the best pricing in the industry, with wholesale Comodo certificates for as little as $5 / year. Use them yourself, or sell them to your own customers!
  • SSH Access: Sometimes it’s just easier to do things by the command line. That’s why we offer SSH access on select reseller accounts.
  • Better Billing: We offer you a choice of Blesta or WHMCS, arguably the two best billing platforms on the market today.
  • Over-The-Top Support: We want you to succeed. That’s why in addition to our 24×7 technical support, we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you have the tools you need to take your hosting as far as you want.

Even if you aren’t looking to host your own clients, reseller accounts offer a security advantage over regular shared hosting accounts. Since each account under the reseller account is its own separate account, a compromise of one account won’t impact the others. This acts as a sort of firewall between each account and can help protect against the spread of malicious exploits.

To bring our “Be A Web Hosting Expert” series to a close, our next post is going to talk about finding the right web host. Then we’ll wrap up a few loose ends, and poof — you’ll be a better, more educated hosting customer!


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