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4 Facts You Didn’t Know about Central PA Breweries

Photo by Thomas Picauly on Unsplash

Pennsylvania is a state known for its history. This colonial destination is comprised of many of the ideals this country was built on, including independence, courage, and ice-cold beer. While beer is a popular beverage throughout America, it has a distinct legacy in central Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, there are some well-kept secrets about central Pennsylvania breweries that place its unique industry in a class of its own. Are you curious about how and why beer is particularly special in central Pennsylvania breweries? Read on to learn four facts you didn’t know about central PA breweries.

Central PA Breweries Fuel the Economy

Central Pennsylvania is home to famous breweries such as Evergrain, Burd’s Nest, and Funk Brewing. It is a little-known fact that central Pennsylvania spurs the economy with its massive beer exports. In fact, the breweries in this region are responsible for billions of dollars in revenue alone. According to the Brewer’s Association, Pennsylvania has 205 craft breweries, ranking 7th in the nation.

In addition, Pennsylvania produces nearly four million barrels of craft beer per year. This is the highest rate in the United States. Needless to say, the beer from central Pennsylvania has been well received across the world, ranking second in economic impact and fourth in impact per capita.

Beer Trail

Did you know that Pennsylvania has a beer trail? That’s right, there are so many breweries, wineries, and distilleries in central PA that they’ve been linked together to make a beautiful trail for your traveling pleasure. Whether you’re in the mood for a little history and touring of facilities, or you want to kick back at one spot, the beer trail is sure to be fun. The beauty of the beer trail is you can choose your own adventure. You’ll also get some enjoyable driving in between facilities.

Oldest Brewery in the US

Pennsylvania is actually home to the oldest brewery in the United States. You’ve most likely had a Yuengling before, but what about drinking one at its birthplace? Visiting the Yuengling factory is like raising a glass not only to history but also to all American beer. Touring the facility is a historical treat for all ages. And there is no better way to end a brewery tour than by drinking a beer right from the source.

Beer Fests

What is better than drinking a couple of beers with friends? Drinking a couple of beers with friends at a beer festival. Across Pennsylvania, you can find a number of beer fests, including the Snacktown Brew Fest. There is nothing better than spending a summer weekend relaxing in the sun with your friends and enjoying a couple of cold beers. Luckily, Pennsylvania is full of both beer and festivals dedicated to the enjoyment of them.

Pennsylvania boasts a colorful history that dates back to pre-Revolutionary War times, and spread throughout that colorful history is its dedication to beer and breweries. No matter how you choose to experience the beer culture that central Pennsylvania has to offer, it’s sure to be fun. So now that you have learned a little bit more about central Pennsylvania’s breweries, we hope you’ll come enjoy a beer with us.

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