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2014: The Year of Awesome

FRH logo2014 got started with our move to our new offices in vibrant midtown Harrisburg.  A few months later, we expanded into our new tier 3 datacenter just up the road in Susquehanna Township.  And now, thanks to the awesome team at MIND Development & Design in Lancaster, we’ve got a whole new logo and website!

Our previous website was with us from day one.  We constantly received feedback on how unconventional it was, and how it looked totally different from all the other web hosting companies’ sites.  Unique as it was, it didn’t look good on mobile devices.  It was also kind of a pain to update.  And frankly, we were never really thrilled with our logo.  So we decided it was time for a new look.

We host quite a few sites designed by the team at MIND, so we’ve seen the quality of their work first-hand.  That made them the obvious choice for our project.  We worked closely with them to build a site that was more modern and responsive, and that we could easily edit as needs arose.  Most importantly, it still had to keep that “coffee house vibe” that our old site had.

Untitled-5Three spec designs, countless hours of exploring and fine-tuning, one emergency datacenter move, and literal tons of coffee later, we’ve got the brand new logo and site that you see today.  We think it still stands as the arch nemesis of all the other boring cookie-cutter web hosting company sites out there.  And it still rocks that cafe vibe that’s so critically important to who we are.

When we first opened our virtual doors way back in January 2012, we didn’t know quite what to expect.  Over the years we’ve tweaked our product lineup and learned a lot more about what customers want, all while growing faster than we ever dreamed possible.  Because apparently, customers appreciate being treated like an actual person and not just a number — who knew?

To celebrate our new site, we’re running some exclusive discounts throughout the month of May.  Be sure to check out our offers page, and keep an eye on our Facebook feed for even more specials and promos.

Welcome to the new look of Fresh Roasted Hosting!


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