Like comparing instant coffee to fresh-roasted beans,

we're pretty sure you'll notice our quality.

All Plans Come With

  • FREE setup!  Good coffee never comes with hidden fees, so why should a good web host?
  • Real 24x365 Support!  Whether you need us at 3am or 3pm, we're staffed around the clock!
  • Premium Datacenters!  We use two high-end datacenters in Scranton PA and Los Angeles CA.
  • Uncrowded servers!  We don't overload our servers, so your website stays caffeinated.
  • Premium Network!  Bandwidth from multiple providers like XO, Level(3), Mzima, and Zayo.


Unlike a traditional web hosting environment, VPSes and dedicated servers require advanced knowledge of the underlying operating system in order to be run safely and effectively.

Every VPS and dedicated server sold by Fresh Roasted Hosting is self-managed. That means that you're responsible for all administrative tasks such as system updates and security audits. This is a great money-saver for users who know their way around a Linux server. But if you don't have the time or skill set to manage your own server, why not let our team of highly-trained technicians do it for you?

For a small monthly or one-time fee, the same employees that manage our own servers can take care of yours:

  • Linux VPS management - only $29.99 / month
  • Co-Located Linux server management - only $79.99 / month
  • Dedicated Linux server management - only $79.99 / month
  • One-time services - starting at just $19.99
  • If you need more than one server managed, we'll happily put together a custom management package with deep discounts for each additional server!

Our server management team is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Seriously - they never sleep. Whether you have a question about suspicious log activity at 3pm or need an OS update at 3am, we'll be here to help.

If you choose a recurring (monthly) management package, our response time is typically 10-15 minutes. Most problems are solved within 60 minutes, though complex issues may take longer. One-time services are handled during normal business hours only (8AM - 8PM, Monday through Friday).