What is included with server management?

A lot!  Here's a list of all the tasks we'll perform as part of your optional server management service:

Account migration:
  We'll help you migrate from your current host into your new VPS.  This generally requires the same control panel on your VPS as your current host, but we'll do our best to help regardless.

Operating system installation & updates: 
We'll perform an unlimited number of reinstallations from our library of operating systems.

Network configuration & troubleshooting:  If you've purchased multiple IP addresses, we'll get them configured in your server and ensure they're active. We'll also install an iptables-based software firewall (such as CSF) at your request.

Basic OS & environment troubleshooting:  Our technicians will review your logs and system environment to attempt to determine the cause of problems relating to core OS services. This includes services such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, and the operating system itself.

Initial server security:  We'll make some configuration changes to help improve the security of your server. Please note that server security is a very sophisticated area that requires constant vigilance and maintenance. Our initial hardening helps you hit the ground running, but is not a substitute for ongoing maintenance and research on your part.

MySQL & Apache optimization:  Our technicians will modify the default settings of MySQL and Apache to help improve system performance. This helps you squeeze the most life out of your VPS or dedicated server.

Control panel installation:  We'll install your choice of cPanel, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, Virtualmin, or Webmin.  We'll also install SolusVM or Virtualizor on dedicated servers being used for VPS nodes.  Please note that some control panels require you to purchase a license for an additional monthly cost.

Installation of common third-party software:  Our technicians will install common software from a library of over 250 applications. Some examples include WordPress, Drupal, Kayako, Blesta, WHMCS, and many more. For a complete list of available applications, drop us a line at [email protected].

Installation of SSL certificates:  With one of the control panels listed above, we'll handle the generation and installation of SSL certificates. Some SSL certificates require action on your part, such as validating the domain or your organization. We are not able to handle these steps for you.

Add / edit / remove system accounts: 
If you have one of the control panels listed above, we'll help you manage your email, database, FTP, and hosting accounts (up to a limit of 50 accounts per server).If you don't see the service you want specifically listed above, it's not included as part of our management service.
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