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What do you mean by “accelerated” web hosting?

Fresh Roasted Hosting's accelerated web hosting uses four different technologies that can dramatically improve the speed at which your website loads and operates.

Our first major speed boost comes from using SSD storage for all MySQL transactions. SSDs are much, much faster than conventional rotating drives, meaning most MySQL transactions take less time to complete.

Our second major speed boost comes from using LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is a high-performance webserver (the application that actually delivers your website to your visitors) built for speed and stability. It's up to 500% faster than Apache, and up to 60% faster than nginx!

Our third major speed boost comes from server tuning. Each of our accelerated web hosting servers is optimized for performance and stability. This means that every aspect of your website – from PHP queries to database transactions – runs faster and more reliably than ever before.

Our fourth major speed boost comes from our network. All of our accelerated web hosting is hosted out of our Tier III datacenter in downtown Dallas, Texas. Our network connects to a blend of major top-tier carriers including CenturyLink, Internap, Zayo, Cogent, and Telia. Because we avoid “cheap” carriers and equipment, you get world-class connectivity to the entire planet. That means less lag, faster throughput, and better experiences for your end users.

We're so confident that our accelerated web hosting is the fastest, most reliable, and most compatible hosting you've ever experienced that we back it with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't 100% convinced that we're the fastest you've ever had, just let us know and you get a full refund of all your hosting costs – no questions asked!

(See the Fresh Roasted Hosting Terms of Service for complete details and limitations on our 14-day money-back guarantee)

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