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Do you provide backups? How can I restore a backup?

Some of our services include backups, while others do not:

Our shared hosting & reseller accounts all include biweekly backups, taken every Sunday and Wednesday night. We retain the ten most recent backups.

All of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) include weekly backups, taken between Friday noon and Monday noon Eastern time. We retain the three most recent backups.

Dedicated servers and co-location services do not include backup services.

In all cases, we strongly recommend that you create and maintain your own backups at regular intervals. All backups provided by us are provided on an "as-is" basis, and are not guaranteed. To restore a backup, simply open a ticket with our technical support department. When a backup is restored, all content associated with your service -- including but not limited to all website content, emails, files, local backups, and databases -- will be wiped from your server and replaced with the content in the backup.

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