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I'm nobody important - why would anyone try to hack MY account?

Because it's there.

Seriously:  as a web host, we see thousands of inbound hack attempts across our entire network every day.  So does every other web host.  It's not that they hate your site or have a grudge against you, it's just because it's there.  It's a target.  Call it a sport, call it boredom, call it "a political statement employing the use of force to encourage users to practice better security", call it whatever you want.  It happens, and no matter how small your site is or how unlikely a target you think you might be, chances are excellent that hackers are constantly trying to gain access to your site.

You also have to remember that this isn't just one person doing the hacking, nor is it a handful of groups.  Hackers range in size and scope from powerful organizations with thousands of members to bored kids with nothing better to do.  It's not like there's some shadowy criminal enterprise actively seeking out your site; you're getting hit with a never-ending stream of groups and individuals who just happen to stumble across your IP address.

In other words, "nothing personal".

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