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Why are you so tough on abuse reports?

Abusive conduct is a serious problem that effects everyone. Whether it's sending spam or hosting malware or even attacking another server, abuse often impacts more than just the involved users.  When a user gets caught sending spam, that user's IP address may be added to a DNS blacklist (a tool that spam filters use to help determine which messages get rejected). When that happens, other users on that IP address may find it difficult or impossible to send mail. Perfectly innocent messages will get rejected as spam, often with no recourse available. The effects of hosting malware or launching attacks are slightly different, but equally severe.

We take pride in protecting our infrastructure – and our customers – from abusive users. To this end, we take a hard stance against abusive conduct. We do not tolerate the use of our infrastructure for spamming, malware distribution, attacks, or any other violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. We thoroughly investigate each and every abuse report, and will quickly take action whenever appropriate.

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