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Why should I host with a local company?

Saying you have a lot of hosts to choose from is a pretty big understatement. We've long since lost count, but there are well over 10,000 web hosts out there today. So what's the deal – why host with a small local company?

For starters, we live, work, and play right here in Central PA. When you spend money with us, we reinvest most of it back into the local economy. Whether it's paying a local company for server space, buying our morning coffee from a Harrisburg roaster, or taking the staff out for a night on the town, a good part of every dollar you spend with us gets recycled locally.

We also use the same enterprise-class hardware that many of our much larger competitors use. Xeon CPUs, ECC memory, RAID storage systems, multi-carrier networks, backup power & cooling systems … the list goes on. In fact, our infrastructure exceeds that of many of our competitors. Between our RAID 10 Xen-based virtualization and our LiteSpeed- and SSD-accelerated shared hosting, a whole lot of our competitors are more than a few years behind us.

We give the same (or better) network performance, server performance, and reliability as our much larger competitors. And because we're right here in PA (and not some faceless hirise on the other side of the world), we're helping build a stronger local economy. That's good for everyone!

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