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Why Harrisburg?

We actually get asked this question a lot.

If you aren't familiar with Harrisburg, it's a small city nestled along the banks of the Susquehanna River. We're located about two hours west of Philly, about 90 minutes north of Baltimore, and about four hours east of Pittsburgh. With a population just under 50,000 residents, we're definitely one of the smaller cities in the state. But thanks to our tight integration with the cities York, Lancaster, and Lebanon, the region has a market of around two million people – that's bigger than Las Vegas!

Harrisburg is divided into a few major areas, each blanketing unique individual neighborhoods. Downtown is the city's vibrant nightlife & entertainment district. Centered along Second Street, downtown Harrisburg is a tightly-concentrated plethora of restaurants, live music venues, sports bars, draft houses, upscale lounges, and pubs – all within easy walking distance of each other and two full-service hotels.

Midtown – where our office is located – is Harrisburg's thriving arts & cultural district. Local restaurants (running the gamut from cheap to classy) and retail shops are anchored by an independent cinema and the country's oldest continually-operating market house. If downtown Harrisburg is hirises and martini bars, then midtown Harrisburg is century-old townhomes and coffee houses.

Old Uptown is the city's up-and-coming residential area. Affordable early- to mid-20th-century housing stock with beautiful architecture and great neighborhoods are drawing more and more 20- and 30-something professionals away from the suburbs and back into the urban core.

There are countless more neighborhoods to explore in the city and surrounding suburbs, but it's downtown and midtown that comprise the heart of the city. And that's usually where you'll find us.

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