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How do I ship my server to your datacenter?

For complete details on co-location requirements, please refer to our Terms of Service.  Do not ship your server or any equipment to the datacenter until your co-location order has been activated.

Before shipping your server, ensure that it has been configured with the IP information provided to you at the time of your order. Our technicians will be happy to provide initial troubleshooting such as verifying indicator lights or logging in as root to get your server up and running. By ensuring that your network is properly configured beforehand, you'll ensure that you hit the ground running.

All necessary ports on your server must be clearly labeled. A simple mark next to your preferred Ethernet port is sufficient. Adhesive labels work too, but keep in mind that these may come off during shipping. Most customers include a brief sentence or two like “Plug Ethernet port #1 into the network”, then clearly mark port #1 on their server case with permanent marker.

Your server must be securely packed in an appropriate shipping container. We recommend generous use of appropriate anti-static packing material. The box and materials in which your server was initially shipped may be a good choice.

We strongly recommend the use of a shipping carrier that provides package tracking, delivery confirmation, and enough insurance to cover the server in the event of loss or damage in transit. Fresh Roasted Hosting is not responsible for loss or damage when shipping to or from the datacenter. You must ensure that a signature is required upon delivery.

The shipping address is:

Fresh Roasted Hosting
2330 Vartan Way
Harrisburg PA 17110

Please note that all packing material is discarded upon receipt. When the time comes to return your server, you will be billed for replacement packing material. This material is in addition to your co-location costs.

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