Where are your co-location facilities located?

All of our co-location services are provided out of our Harrisburg PA datacenter. With a combination of convenient access, geographic separation from major metropolitan areas, Tier II redundancy, and annual SSAE-16 audits, Harrisburg is the perfect location for off-site operations or disaster recovery for the entire eastern seaboard.

It's easy to access:

  • Located just off exit 69 (Progress Avenue) on I-81, the facility is easily accessible by multiple routes including I-83, I-76, US-11, US-15, US-22, and PA-39.  Drive time is approximately 90 minutes from Baltimore and Philadelphia, two hours from the Washington DC metro area, and three hours from New York City and Pittsburgh.
  • The facility is only a few miles (and a very short cab ride) from the Harrisburg Amtrak train station, which services the Pennsylvanian and Keystone lines.
  • The datacenter is within 15 miles of two airports:  Harrisburg International Airport and Capital City Airport.
It's safe and sound:
  • Advanced multi-factor biometric access control limits datacenter access to authorized persons.
  • Digital video surveillance provides visual record of all datacenter visitors and activity.
  • Facility-wide battery backups and multiple on-site diesel generators provide over three days of emergency runtime, and the facility is listed as a priority customer with the local utility company.
  • The datacenter is not adjacent to any rail lines, highways, or flight patterns.  It's also located on a hill, which makes it well outside the FEMA 100-year floodplain.
It's easy to work with:
  • The facility is surrounded by affordable hotels, local & chain restaurants, and entertainment venues -- perfect for extened visits or unwinding after a day of racking.
  • For companies who wish to provide an on-site or nearby presence, convenient meeting spaces and office suites are available for lease.
  • Our custom rates and flexible buildout terms can rapidly adapt to meet your changing needs.
It's well-connected:
  • Network connectivity comes from a blend of top-tier carriers including Level(3), Verizon, Comcast, and Frontier Communications.
  • Three fiber links provide direct connectivity to 401 N Broad St, a major carrier hotel in Philadelphia.
  • Diverse network paths off the premises provide an additional layer of protection.
If you're considering Harrisburg co-location, drop us a line and let us show you around the facility and surrounding area!
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