Dedicated Servers

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Please Note: These are special budget pricing. The above stock is with the data center. Once you place the order and make the payment, we will get it from the data center and provide it to you within 24 hours.

Exterior of Databank DallasIt All Starts In Dallas

All our dedicated servers are hosted in our tier III, SAS 70 type II certified datacenter in downtown Dallas, Texas.  Located in the former Federal Reserve building, the facility features multi-factor biometric access control, 24-hour on-site technicians, and digital video surveillance.  Twelve utility power feeds are backed by datacenter-class UPSes and ten diesel generators.  And we beat the Texas heat with an N+1 4500-ton cooling plant with an 80,000-gallon water reserve.  In other words, we’re redefining the phrase “enterprise class”.


Rackmount networking equipmentThe Network Matters

Lots of “discount” web hosts use single-carrier networks, or a blend of cut-rate carriers.  But not us.  We use a blend of tier 1 & 2 carriers including Cogent, Zayo, TeliaSonera, CenturyLink, and Internap.  Multiple fiber pairs feed into redundant Cisco border and core routers, with redundant links to each switch.  That means that our budget dedicated servers have fast, reliable connectivity to the entire planet.  And as your needs grow, we can help you expand with private VLANs and DDOS protection.


Dallas Aisle 5Incoming Doesn’t Count

Remember back in the old days when wireless carriers would offer “first incoming minute free” promotions?  We thought that was a pretty good idea, so we decided to stop keeping track of your incoming bandwidth.  Not just the first megabyte, not just the first day, but all of it.  That means incoming traffic never counts towards you monthly bandwidth usage, which means your 10 TB of bandwidth is worth a lot more than just 10 TB!


consoleSelf-Managed or Fully Managed

Every dedicated server comes with free IPMI access to help you manage your server.  And we’ll always handle any hardware or upstream network issues.  But if you aren’t a seasoned Linux administrator, running your own server can be daunting — especially when problems arise.  That’s where our optional management service comes in.  Our experienced dedicated server administrators will help with a wide variety of common tasks, from network troubleshooting and DDOS mitigation to security hardening and application installation.