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Is Your Web Design Visual Enough

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Does your web design need to be visual? Experts have debated the components of good web design for several years now. Ultimately, the visual aspect of web design has been determined to be one of the most critical elements. As you begin or operate your business, you analyze and stress over every aspect. What leads to the best conversion rates? How can you stand out from the rest of your competition?

The aspect that we’ll be exploring in this post is visual design. What does visual design do for your business? A strong visual design can attract customers. If you are not the only business in your market with customers clamoring for your specific product, attracting customers is the most crucial element of your website.

How can you tell if your website is visual enough? The following vital factors should help you determine if your site is visual enough or if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Visual Hierarchy

People automatically evaluate and process information. The first aspect in determining whether your site is visual enough is to consider what is the most critical component of your website. If you are struggling to decide which section that should be, consider the primary objective of your business. That should be number one in your visual hierarchy. Is that section visually appealing? Does it stand out? If your most important aspect does not call your customers to action, your site is not visual enough.

Hick’s Law

Does your visual design fit with Hick’s Law is the next way to determine if your website is visual enough? Hick’s Law proposes that with every additional choice, the time required for making¬†decisions increases. While you may think that¬†throwing everything out there with the kitchen sink is good for your customers, it is not. In essence, more choices lead to analysis paralysis. As a result, your potential customers make no decision and bounce off your site. Leaving is not the result that you are seeking. If you have an extensive inventory, you need to simplify your product display by adding extensive filtering options.

Gestalt Theory

Gestalt Theory is a psychology theory which proposes that people consider the overall image before analyzing the specific parts. When you consider the whole feel and visual experience of your website, does it fit with Gestalt Psychology? If your entire site is not appealing with an overall glance, your potential customer will not spend time looking at the different components of your site.

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