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Three Things You Need to Know about Keywords

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre
Photo by Thomas Lefebvre

Keywords are the heart of blogging SEO. Managing them, however, is trickier than many new bloggers anticipate. Many common sense rules don’t apply to keyword use. For example, focusing on a single phrase isn’t always the best strategy. In reality, it often hurts your rankings. Here are three keyword techniques bloggers should consider.

Less Is Usually More

Oversaturation is a significant problem for SEO algorithms. Repeating your keyword over and over doesn’t enhance your chances of ranking high in search results. In truth, it hurts them. The same is true for multiple keywords. Always use a primary keyword. Let that be your primary focus. Secondary keywords work best when they include the primary keyword. For instance, if your primary keyword is “zoo,” then secondary keywords should be things like “best zoo” or “children’s zoo.” Again, be careful not to overuse your primary keyword, and don’t choose more than one or two secondary keywords for content that is less than a thousand words. If you’re careful, your content will sound stilted, and repetitive words will annoy readers.

Location Matters

Blogging often involves local elements. You may reference nearby stores and entertainment venues. This strategy works very well for local audiences, and you should embrace that. Location is a huge keyword factor. Using keywords designed to attract regional visitors or residents help you show up more often on things like “Near Me” searches.

Make sure you back up your keywords with other local content. Claim your business on Google and rating sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Put your business on the map with Google Maps. The right keywords will grab local browsers’ attention. Make sure you can direct their attention to your business’s actual location and services. If you don’t follow through on providing accessible information for interested readers, then even the perfect set of keywords can’t help you.

SEO Algorithms Love Variety

We get hung up on things we enjoy. People have regular orders at restaurants and coffee shops. Our favorite t-shirts wear thin and get holes long before the rest of our wardrobe. Even our beloved mugs get so worn that the original logo on the front is a mystery. Having favorites is fine for most parts of life, but not in the world of blogging.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a topic and a keyword. You can write on home décor every day, but you cannot use the same keyword if you want to rank well. The ideal strategy for repeat keywords limits uses to two or three times. SEO algorithms do not reward repeat work. Even if your content is new, a repeated keyword triggers alarm bells.

Have you fallen into any of these keyword traps on your blog? How will you address those pitfalls in the future? No one likes extra work, but a few adjustments to your keyword strategy can make a massive difference in SEO rankings. If you’ve been struggling to land on the first page of results, your problem may be easier to fix than you thought.



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