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Winning Tourist Website Traffic in Central Pennsylvania

Photo by Drew Coffman
Photo by Drew Coffman

Winning tourist traffic in Central Pennsylvania requires a specialized plan of attack. In order to get these motivated customers to visit your website, you have to reach them where they’re looking. Once you have their attention, you have to keep it. In the end, emphasize how well your business fits in with the rest of their sightseeing plans.

Utilize Local Search Results

The first and best way to channel tourists to your website is to make the most of local and mobile SEO. After a long day out and about, tourists may be looking for a place to eat or sleep. When they search, they’ll probably focus on “near me” results. These are the tourists most likely to make an immediate purchase. You need to ensure when they perform a search, everything they need to make a decision is available. This means your business should be marked on Google maps, your address and contact information should be clearly listed, and a rudimentary rundown of prices and options should be available.

Make sure you set up your website to accommodate local searches and then work on ranking. Getting your name and some positive reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor will also help drive traffic to your official website. Local SEO isn’t difficult to master, but the results can transform your business.

Make Your Website Fun

Tourists want to have a good time, and if your website gives them trouble, then they’ll hold that against you. On the other hand, if your website is fun, engaging, and easy to navigate, tourists will be attracted to what you’re offering. Web design is always important, but it’s crucial for winning central Pennsylvania tourists. There’s a lot to do in the state, and you have to stand out in order to win customers from the big tourist destinations.

Interactive features are a great way to harness a browsing tourist’s attention. Add images of nearby attractions, and invest in good photos of your place of business. Even if they don’t end up visiting, your business should be a place tourists want to go to. After all, you want your business represented as more than just a convenience but, as an exciting experience in its own right.

Include Yourself on the Web

Tourists visit central Pennsylvania for very specific reasons. They may be visiting a collection of Civil War sites across the state, enjoying the Amish culture, or checking out the state’s natural attractions. Even when not directly connected to any of these tourist tracks, you still benefit from them. Having a location on the road to Harrisburg offers a chance to target the tourists drawn to the larger attraction. Restaurants, shopping venues, and other leisure centers can offer a reprieve from a busy day of sightseeing. Linking your business, however vaguely, to major, regional attractions can tie your business into a tourist’s plans.

Use local SEO to help motivated buyers find your website. Make your website not only convenient, but also fun for visitors. Close the sale by adding yourself to the greater picture of central Pennsylvania tourist attractions. These three steps are the foundation of tourist-driven website traffic.


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