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How Geolocation Gets the Most Out of Your SEO

Photo by Christine Roy
Photo by Christine Roy

SEO is a constant battle for most businesses, and it often seems like you’re fighting just to keep your business from being completely buried in the results. Geolocation offers you a way to not only get better rankings, but also more conversions. From SEO’s preference for local results to consumer shopping habits, you have a lot to gain from geolocation.

SEO Likes Geolocation

Keywords go beyond products, services, and trending topics. Search engines like Google give businesses with physical locations better rankings. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, using local town, state, or county names in your keywords narrows down the competition for ranking. Maryland plumbers don’t have to compete with plumbers from Arizona, France, and the UK. Search engines, after all, make every search a global competition. Using more precise geolocation keywords, such as specific town or county names further increases your chances of ranking high in searches. Plumbers in Cleveland don’t have to compete with plumbers in Columbus. These basic keyword principles can dramatically improve your SEO score and get you to the top of the search results.

Search Engine Users Search Locally

Usually, when an individual is searching for goods and services, they want local solutions. Mobile users, who have some of the very best conversion rates, typically use search engines when they’re out and about. They may want to find a carry-out restaurant on their way home from work, or they could be looking for an emergency dry cleaning service. These users want results fast, and they want results that are local. They are more willing to share their location to help search functions answer their needs as quickly as possible. Tying in geolocation with your SEO strategy ensures the potential customers who are most likely to make an immediate purchase can find you when they need you.

Local Businesses Are Building a Reputation

Even if search engine users aren’t looking for a last minute meal through their mobile phones, a growing percentage of consumers want to shop locally. This is great for small businesses in particular, who can benefit the most from local searches. Although major chain stores still benefit from geolocation as part of their SEO strategy, the size of the business matters. Small businesses represent an investment in local economies, and many consumers have found small businesses that offer superior products and services. One of the simplest ways to advertise is to simply develop your local SEO ranking. SEO favors local results anyway, and it’s a great way to showcase your unique value.

SEO gives local results presence, which literally puts you ahead of the competition. Since users care not only about the services, but also the location of a business, your local SEO ranking plays a critical role in both advertising and conversions. Sometimes it feels like SEO makes you jump through pointless hoops in order to stay visible. Geolocation, however, boosts your business well beyond simple SEO rankings. It’s an essential step to reaching some of the most eager customers on the market.


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