Like comparing instant coffee to fresh-roasted beans,

we're pretty sure you'll notice our quality.

All Plans Come With

  • FREE setup!  Good coffee never comes with hidden fees, so why should a good web host?
  • Real 24x365 Support!  Whether you need us at 3am or 3pm, we're staffed around the clock!
  • Premium Datacenters!  We use three high-end datacenters in Dunmore PA, Dallas TX, & Los Angeles CA.
  • Uncrowded servers!  We don't overload our servers, so your website stays caffeinated.
  • Premium Network!  Bandwidth from multiple providers like XO, Level(3), Mzima, and Zayo.

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These days, web hosting companies are a dime a dozen. Just about everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who hosts websites out of his basement. And if you search hard enough, you'll find someone giving away unlimited everything for a penny a month. So what makes FRH better?

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Price is nice, but reliability is critical. That's why our entire hosting infrastructure is built with stability in mind. We begin with enterprise-class servers, custom-roasted to handle the demands of a commercial web hosting environment. All of our hosting servers (excluding dedicated servers, which can be customized just about any way you like) utilize ECC memory for maximum stability and local RAID storage systems for performance and redundancy. Each datacenter features redundant power and cooling systems to keep everything brewing. And technicians are on hand 24 hours a day to help stop minor hiccups from becoming major problems.

Our advanced network consists entirely of Cisco and HP networking gear. IPv6 is inevitable, and Fresh Roasted Hosting already offers full IPv6 connectivity for every VPS, dedicated server, and co-location assignment. This future-proofing helps ensure that you won't have to rush to make changes when the IPv4 address pool runs out.

World-Class Datacenters

To help meet your needs, we utilize three world-class datacenters spread throughout the United States.

Our primary datacenter is in the Tier II, SSAE16/SOC2 compliant BurstNET facility just up the road in Dunmore, PA. Connectivity comes from a blend of top-name carriers including Level(3), Verizon, Comcast, Zayo / AboveNet, Frontier Communications, and First Communications. In addition, direct fiber provides rapid transit to other major carrier hotels and datacenters including 111 8th Ave (NYC), 401 N Broad St (Philadelphia), and other BurstNET facilities. Backup power comes from 1610 KVA facility-wide UPSes and three on-site diesel generators (3 MW total).

Our secondary datacenter is the SAS 70 type-II certified Databank facility in Dallas, TX. Originally completed to house the US Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the facility has been renovated into one of the most robust datacenters in the US. Fiber connectivity comes from a blend of Internap, Telia, Savvis, and AboveNet. In addition, our advanced network can accommodate bandwidth pooling and a private, back-end LAN for server-to-server communication. Twelve power feeds with N+2 transformers are backed by 2N and N+1 redundancy with 12 UPS systems and 10 diesel generators.

Our third datacenter is the Telecom Center facility in downtown Los Angeles, California. Located along Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of the telecom district, this is arguably one of the most well-connected datacenters on the west coast. Bandwidtdh comes in from multiple carriers including Level(3), Hurricane Electric, Mzima, Savvis / CenturyLink, and NTT Verio. Multiple 2MW generators provide always-ready backup power. The Los Angeles datacenter will be retired in 2013, with existing customers being moved to the Scranton datacenter.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Lots of hosts offer an uptime guarantee. Some even promise 100% uptime -- an unrealistic notion at best. The fact is that for many hosts, it's easier to simply pay out a few months of free service here and there than to actually provide the uptime they guarantee. On the other hand, our hosting infrastructure is engineered from the ground up with exactly one priority: reliability. From our enterprise-class server and networking infrastructure to the legendary reliability of our datacenters, we do everything we can to keep your site alive and well-caffeinated.

If we can't keep your site up at least 99.9% of the month, we'll refund you up to a full month of service. See the Fresh Roasted Hosting Terms of Service for complete details.

24x365 Technical Support

Our friendly, well-qualified technicians are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means whether you submit a ticket at 3am or 3pm, we'll be here to help. Simple and effective.