Like a great cup of coffee, your domain should be bold and memorable. Being affordable doesn't hurt, either!

Hosting Like Coffee

Welcome to the official blog of Fresh Roasted Hosting -- the official web host of Central PA! We're an independent web hosting company headquartered right here in vibrant midtown Harrisburg, PA.

We believe that serving up websites is a lot like serving up coffee. Anybody can do it cheaply. But to do it well, you need to combine quality ingredients with time, skill, and atmosphere.

We start with enterprise-class servers, custom-configured to the extreme demands of web hosting. We mix in a blend of premium bandwidth from name-brand carriers like Level(3), CenturyLink, Zayo, and Verizon. We put it all together in our two datacenters in Dunmore PA and Dallas TX. And we back it all by 24-hour technical support from our friendly and experienced technicians.

Your website says everything about you. Isn't it too important to trust to just any web host? Ask about our custom solutions for your hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and co-location needs.

Using Social Media Instead Of a Website?

“I really regret making this website for my business” – No one, ever. Running a small business is incredibly rewarding. It’s also indescribably exhausting. Between managing finances, hiring staff, acquiring customers, growing the business, and (if you’re lucky) sneaking in the occasional 15 minutes of sleep, small business owners clearly have their work cut out […]

Harrisburg Social Media – Come Meet Us!

You already know that Harrisburg has a disproportionately high number of coffee roasters and great coffee houses for a city its size.  And, of course, you already know that we have our own kick-ass web hosting company, right here in downtown.  But did you know that the Harrisburg social media crowd has been networking and […]

Harrisburg’s Social Media Turns 60!

Harrisburg really doesn’t get enough credit these days.  As if having a thriving local music scene, a vibrant nightlife & entertainment district, and more coffee roasters per capita than most cities our size weren’t enough, we’ve also got a disproportionately active local social media scene going on.  And this coming Wednesday (May 16, 2012), we’re […]