Like a great cup of coffee, your domain should be bold and memorable. Being affordable doesn't hurt, either!

Hosting Like Coffee

Welcome to the official blog of Fresh Roasted Hosting -- the official web host of Central PA! We're an independent web hosting company headquartered right here in vibrant midtown Harrisburg, PA.

We believe that serving up websites is a lot like serving up coffee. Anybody can do it cheaply. But to do it well, you need to combine quality ingredients with time, skill, and atmosphere.

We start with enterprise-class servers, custom-configured to the extreme demands of web hosting. We mix in a blend of premium bandwidth from name-brand carriers like Level(3), CenturyLink, Zayo, and Verizon. We put it all together in our two datacenters in Dunmore PA and Dallas TX. And we back it all by 24-hour technical support from our friendly and experienced technicians.

Your website says everything about you. Isn't it too important to trust to just any web host? Ask about our custom solutions for your hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and co-location needs.

Moving to the New Office

The only thing better than moving your site to Fresh Roasted Hosting is saving some money while you’re at it.  To help celebrate our brand new offices in midtown Harrisburg (more details on that in a few days), we’re offering a limited-time discount on any of our shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) packages. […]

Black Friday Deals: Part Two

Our last (and still ongoing!) Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion has been such a huge success that we’ve crafted a second, parallel promotion!  This is your chance to get in on one of our legendary virtual servers (VPSes) at an incredible once-a-year discount: Order any of our virtual private servers (VPSes) between now and […]

Black Friday Dedicated Servers

While other web hosts are throwing around meager 5% discounts here and skimpy free domains there, we’re cutting through all the turkey (hah!) with some amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday web hosting specials!  We’re kicking things off with some serious discounts on our legendary IaaS offerings.  These four powerful dedicated servers are all hosted […]

VPS Refugee Special

In case you missed the news, a really big web hosting company just purchased another web hosting company.  Judging by some of the chatter in the comments and around the web, there are more than a few customers who aren’t too excited about the change.  Having worked with the larger of the two companies in […]

Limited Time Offer: Dirt Cheap Xeon!

We just came across what might be our most kick-ass special ever.  For a very (and I mean VERY) limited time, you can pick up a dual quad core Xeon for a mere $89.99 / month!  And this isn’t some watered-down, low-spec Xeon, either.  These workhorses are perfect for creating your own virtualization platform, hosting […]

Happy President’s Day!

At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we love holidays. A lot. Probably a lot more than we should, really. Every holiday brings that festive, celebratory vibe that makes us want to hand out discounts like candy.  Sweet, sweet, coffee-flavored candy.  Mmmm. So for this President’s Day, we’re serving up a whopping 15% discount on any shared hosting […]

Order Up: New Dedicated Servers

Hot on the heels of the smashing success of our Barista Series Xen VPSes, I’m thrilled to announce the immediate availability of our new fleet of Barista Series dedicated servers in Dallas, Texas!

Reliable Xen VPS

Fresh Roasted Hosting is thrilled to announce the immediate public availability of  Xen VPSes on our new Barista Series servers in Scranton, PA!  Starting at just $14.99, these VPSes offer high-end virtualization using the Xen hypervisor.  Built using high-end hardware including enterprise-class drives in a RAID 10 configuration, these VPSes are faster than anything we’ve […]

The Last Weekend of Summer

Technically speaking, this weekend is the last weekend of summer 2012.  Despite this startling revelation (where, exactly, did the summer even go?), summer never really seems to end for us.  In fact, an informal staff survey reveals that we all pretty much prefer fall.  And more to the point, there aren’t many summertime activities that […]

Beat the Hat

(This blog post was supposed to be titled “Beat the Heat”, but I mistyped it as “hat”.  I think it’s funnier this way.) Weather like this can wreak havoc with a datacenter.  The heat and humidity aren’t just unpleasant to be in; they place a heavier load on HVAC systems trying to keep the great […]