Like a great cup of coffee, your domain should be bold and memorable. Being affordable doesn't hurt, either!

Hosting Like Coffee

Welcome to the official blog of Fresh Roasted Hosting -- the official web host of Central PA! We're an independent web hosting company headquartered right here in vibrant midtown Harrisburg, PA.

We believe that serving up websites is a lot like serving up coffee. Anybody can do it cheaply. But to do it well, you need to combine quality ingredients with time, skill, and atmosphere.

We start with enterprise-class servers, custom-configured to the extreme demands of web hosting. We mix in a blend of premium bandwidth from name-brand carriers like Level(3), CenturyLink, Zayo, and Verizon. We put it all together in our two datacenters in Dunmore PA and Dallas TX. And we back it all by 24-hour technical support from our friendly and experienced technicians.

Your website says everything about you. Isn't it too important to trust to just any web host? Ask about our custom solutions for your hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and co-location needs.

Stuck Inside? SNOMG – Save 25%!

There may be approximately eight million inches of snow dumped on us overnight, but if you’re like us, that’s just fine.  Our diesel generators are fueled up, our coffee grinder’s hopper is topped off, and snowman is equipped with WiFi from a blend of tier-1 carriers.  We’re all set! But sooner or later, snowy weather […]

Announcing our First Ever Web Hosting Meet & Greet

Important update:  Since a lot of people are going to have to spend the next few days cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy, we’re cancelling this event.  Stay tuned for a rescheduled date! Over the past few months, we noticed an interesting trend in our sales inbox.  Day after day, the same questions kept coming in […]

Hi There, Harrisburg MakeSpace

During last night’s Third in the Burg, I made the trip up a few extra blocks of North Third to see how Harrisburg Makespace was coming along.  A few weeks ago, FRH Lisa and myself stopped by to help clean and donate some supplies; we had the “before” image, and we were really looking forward […]

The Last Weekend of Summer

Technically speaking, this weekend is the last weekend of summer 2012.  Despite this startling revelation (where, exactly, did the summer even go?), summer never really seems to end for us.  In fact, an informal staff survey reveals that we all pretty much prefer fall.  And more to the point, there aren’t many summertime activities that […]

Spending a Sunday at Harrisburg MakeSpace

We just got back in the office from a morning spent helping out at Harrisburg MakeSpace.  In case you haven’t already heard, Harrisburg MakeSpace is a communal artistic incubator, designed to help local artists get up and running.  It’s located at 1916 North Third St in the Old Uptown neighborhood of Harrisburg, in an otherwise […]

Beat the Hat

(This blog post was supposed to be titled “Beat the Heat”, but I mistyped it as “hat”.  I think it’s funnier this way.) Weather like this can wreak havoc with a datacenter.  The heat and humidity aren’t just unpleasant to be in; they place a heavier load on HVAC systems trying to keep the great […]