Like a great cup of coffee, your domain should be bold and memorable. Being affordable doesn't hurt, either!

Hosting Like Coffee

Welcome to the official blog of Fresh Roasted Hosting -- the official web host of Central PA! We're an independent web hosting company headquartered right here in vibrant midtown Harrisburg, PA.

We believe that serving up websites is a lot like serving up coffee. Anybody can do it cheaply. But to do it well, you need to combine quality ingredients with time, skill, and atmosphere.

We start with enterprise-class servers, custom-configured to the extreme demands of web hosting. We mix in a blend of premium bandwidth from name-brand carriers like Level(3), CenturyLink, Zayo, and Verizon. We put it all together in our two datacenters in Dunmore PA and Dallas TX. And we back it all by 24-hour technical support from our friendly and experienced technicians.

Your website says everything about you. Isn't it too important to trust to just any web host? Ask about our custom solutions for your hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and co-location needs.

We Love Snow!

It’s been a great winter for us here at Fresh Roasted Hosting.  We love snow.  Seriously — give us a French press, gas burner, some fresh water, and beans from our favorite local roaster, and we’re set.  Servers … they’re a different story.  They don’t really care for beans (we’ve tried), they aren’t interested in […]

Is Your Website Ready for Google Fiber?

You’ve already heard that Google Fiber is rolling out to nearly three dozen new cities by the end of 2014.  And you’ve probably already read how Google Fiber has caused Time Warner to preemptively step up their bandwidth speeds in select markets.  Isn’t competition great?  Gigabit speeds for all!  And therein lies the problem: In […]

Stuck Inside? SNOMG – Save 25%!

There may be approximately eight million inches of snow dumped on us overnight, but if you’re like us, that’s just fine.  Our diesel generators are fueled up, our coffee grinder’s hopper is topped off, and snowman is equipped with WiFi from a blend of tier-1 carriers.  We’re all set! But sooner or later, snowy weather […]

Moving to the New Office

The only thing better than moving your site to Fresh Roasted Hosting is saving some money while you’re at it.  To help celebrate our brand new offices in midtown Harrisburg (more details on that in a few days), we’re offering a limited-time discount on any of our shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) packages. […]

Fresh Roasted Hosting Makes the Jump to LiteSpeed!

You’ve probably already caught the news from our Facebook feed by now, but we wanted to make it official:  As of February 9 2014, all Fresh Roasted Hosting webserver nodes have been upgraded to LiteSpeed!  This is a free upgrade for all of our existing customers, and directly replaces our previous Apache / Varnish / […]

Cheap InterWorx Licenses

If you’re already a Fresh Roasted Hosting customer (and let’s face it: you should be), we’ve just worked out an awesome deal with our friends over at LicenseCart on one of the best control panels on the market today — InterWorx! InterWorx is a control panel built for the 21st century.  It’s got a lean, […]

Using Social Media Instead Of a Website?

“I really regret making this website for my business” – No one, ever. Running a small business is incredibly rewarding. It’s also indescribably exhausting. Between managing finances, hiring staff, acquiring customers, growing the business, and (if you’re lucky) sneaking in the occasional 15 minutes of sleep, small business owners clearly have their work cut out […]

cPanel vs DirectAdmin vs Webmin

Whether you’re brand new to the web hosting world or a seasoned expert, chances are you’ve already used a control panel to manage your site. But choosing the correct control panel isn’t always easy. Different features, different prices, and different specialties – combined with the fact that there are dozens of panels out there at […]

What Makes CloudLinux So Great?

If you have a shared hosting account with us, then you’ve no doubt noticed some massive speed increases over the past month. We’ve spent the past few weeks tuning, testing, and tweaking our shared hosting platform to be faster and stronger than ever before. In addition to the all-new hardware, SSD storage, and heavy software […]

More Black Friday Server Deals!

Fire up the afternoon French press, because it’s time for another Black Friday 2013 deal!  This is, hands down, the fastest, most powerful file server we’ve ever offered.  Just look at these awesome specs: Four 2 TB drives 3ware RAID 10 controller 16 GB DDR3 ECC memory Xeon E3-1230 CPU Gigabit Ethernet with 5 TB […]

Black Friday Deals: Part Two

Our last (and still ongoing!) Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion has been such a huge success that we’ve crafted a second, parallel promotion!  This is your chance to get in on one of our legendary virtual servers (VPSes) at an incredible once-a-year discount: Order any of our virtual private servers (VPSes) between now and […]

Black Friday Dedicated Servers

While other web hosts are throwing around meager 5% discounts here and skimpy free domains there, we’re cutting through all the turkey (hah!) with some amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday web hosting specials!  We’re kicking things off with some serious discounts on our legendary IaaS offerings.  These four powerful dedicated servers are all hosted […]

Shared Hosting: An Update

These past few weeks have seen a flurry of activity here at Fresh Roasted Hosting.  From our headquarters in Harrisburg to our datacenters in Dallas & Los Angeles, we’ve had our work cut out for us.  And although things got a little bumpy for a few days, our infrastructure has become a lot more robust […]

When the Cloud Isn’t the Cloud

TechCrunch has a lengthy, if not perhaps buzzword-happy, article on the rampant appearance of pseudo-cloud offerings by a growing number of hosting providers.  You can read the full dig here, but this is my favorite quote: Collison describes the technology as the DNA of building blocks designed to deliver the velocity through the pipeline. In essence, […]

VPS Refugee Special

In case you missed the news, a really big web hosting company just purchased another web hosting company.  Judging by some of the chatter in the comments and around the web, there are more than a few customers who aren’t too excited about the change.  Having worked with the larger of the two companies in […]

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