Honeymoon Part Two: Chicago

posted by Dave on September 27, 2014

As we continue our cross-country honeymoon by rail, the California Zephyr is pulling us towards Chicago. Pouring coffee at 80 miles per hour is definitely an … experience. Chicago has always been my favorite midwest city. Aside from the stunning architecture, the friendly people, and the legendary cuisine, it’s Chicago’s rich history… Read More

Fresh Roasted Honeymoon: Portland

posted by Dave on September 23, 2014

In case you missed the announcement, FRH Dave & FRH Lisa recently tied the knot, making Fresh Roasted Hosting one of the few web hosts run by a husband-and-wife team! Since the honeymoon — a cross-country trip by rail — starts in Portland Oregon, our first honeymoon promotion is — naturally — inspired by Portland.   Portland… Read More

It’s a Web Hosting Honeymoon!

kissing cups
posted by Dave on September 22, 2014

It’s official: after nearly four years in the making, FRH Dave and FRH Lisa finally tied the knot earlier this month in downtown Harrisburg! Not only does this make a very happy couple, it also makes Fresh Roasted Hosting one of the few web hosts run by a husband-and-wife team! And we figure that’s… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Trust That Web Host Review

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posted by Dave on September 2, 2014

Web host review sites have been around pretty much as long as there have been web hosts to review. And a quick Google search of “top ten web hosts” or “best web hosts” or any variant thereof confirms there’s no shortage of ‘em. On the surface, they’re nothing more than a group… Read More

Secure Your Site — And Save Big!

posted by Dave on August 12, 2014

By now you’ve probably already read that Google is rewarding websites that use HTTPS.  At the moment, the boost is very small — affecting roughly 1% of global search results.  But Google has said that they may increase the weight given to the use of HTTPS in the future, and we couldn’t… Read More

What Makes CloudFlare So Important?

posted by Dave on August 1, 2014

CloudFlare.  It’s the subject of many, many emails to our sales inbox from prospective clients.  If you’re wondering what CloudFlare is and / or why you should care, read on for the full scoop. Earlier this week, Forbes published a great article explaining– in very easy-to-digest terms — what CloudFlare is and… Read More

Because It’s Policy

posted by Dave on July 25, 2014

One of the things we’re known for (perhaps the biggest thing) is our outstanding customer service.  We work hard to make sure our customers rarely (if ever) need to reach out to us for technical support, and when they do, we treat them like they’re our only customer.  So we were pretty… Read More

July Savings, Week 3: Free Billing System for Resellers

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posted by Dave on July 14, 2014

Throughout the entire month of July, we’re running discounts on some of our most popular hosting options.  Last week’s 20% discount on shared hosting (still valid, by the way) was a huge success, so we decided to spread the love to our reseller accounts with this week’s promotion: Week Two:  7/14/14 –… Read More

July Savings, Week 2: Save 20%

datacenter dim
posted by Dave on July 7, 2014

Declare your independence from mediocre web hosting by bringing your website back home to Central PA!  Throughout the entire month of July, we’re running discounts on our most popular web hosting packages — with a different discount each week!  Whether you’re using our tier 3 Harrisburg datacenter or our tier 3 Dallas… Read More

July 4 Savings!

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posted by Dave on July 1, 2014

We’re kicking off our Fourth of July weekend a few days early — and that means you can save some coin while upgrading to one of our Xen-powered Virtual Private Servers (VPS)! Like our web hosting, our VPSes are built for speed.  Because we use the Xen hypervisor, your VPS’s critical resources… Read More