How to Start a Web Hosting Business

web hosting
posted by Dave on August 13, 2019

What is web hosting? Web hosting is providing storage and space for the access of websites. Hosting your own server can be a lot of work if your intention is just to make a website, so it is great to go through a web hosting business to suit all your needs. There… Read More

How to Transfer Web Hosting from One Company to Another

web hosting
posted by Dave on August 2, 2019

Looking to switch your web hosting? You may be putting it off because you think it will be difficult. However, transferring your web hosting isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are some steps for making a smooth transition between providers. Select a New Provider The first step is to select a plan with a new… Read More

How to Set Up Your Own Server for Web Hosting

web hosting
posted by Dave on July 19, 2019

If you want to set up your own server for web hosting, there are a few essential things to know. Before you get started, you’ll need to read over all of the following must-dos. If these sound too difficult for you, Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC is ready to help. Set Up Your Own Server for… Read More

How to Create Your Own Server at Home for Web Hosting

posted by Dave on June 28, 2019

How do you build your own server at home for web hosting? It’s doable, but you need to take many things into consideration. These are the elements you need to know when building your own home server. Building a Home Server for Web Hosting If you want to host your own website or have… Read More

Benefits of Keeping Current and Updated Web Design

website design
posted by Dave on June 14, 2019

Your website design is like the front door to your business. When it keeps up with what customers expect, you can count on business flowing in. It’s essential that your website looks up-to-date and fresh to keep up with customer demand. Here are the benefits of keeping current and updated web design. Benefits… Read More

Responsive vs. Passive Web Design

Responsive vs. Passive Web Design
posted by Dave on March 13, 2019

Since the majority of people access the internet through their smartphones, web design for your website needs to be responsive rather than passive. This allows your site to automatically adjust to different display sizes on all types of screens. We’ll break down the difference between responsive and passive design here and let you… Read More

Why Your Website is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Why Your Website is the Lifeblood of Your Business
posted by Dave on February 27, 2019

Since we live in the Information Age where almost all business is now conducted online, it’s essential for your company to have a reliable website. Your website introduces customers to your business around the clock, and you need a reliable solution for web hosting to reach those customers. Fresh Roasted Hosting can… Read More

How Your Website Design Impacts Your Business

Website design is crucial to retaining viewers
posted by Dave on February 25, 2019

The world of business is not the same as it was twenty years ago. With the advent and popularization of the internet, marketing your brand has never been harder. As of 2019, having a website to advertise a business or brand is essential. Any business today that wishes to succeed requires the… Read More

Pennsylvania Web Hosting

Pennsylvania Web Hosting
posted by Dave on January 31, 2019

From the Liberty Bell to Crayola, Pennsylvania is home to many pillars of American spirit and ingenuity. Therefore, to survive in Pennsylvania, a business has to bring it’s A-game every single day. Fresh Roasted Hosting is proud to call Pennsylvania home. Culture influences everything in this state, including business. Fresh Roasted Hosting… Read More

Reliable Uptime: Why It Matters

reliable hosting services
posted by Dave on January 16, 2019

The Flurry Analytics State of Mobile report for 2017 showed that Americans are using their smartphones more than ever. They found that Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day browsing the internet. As a result, reliable hosting services and consistent uptime are essential for any business using the internet for… Read More